We are a team that has more than 15 years of experience with foreign trade in various companies. For that reason, in 2017 we founded Nalwatech Czechoslovakia, through which we want to use and capitalize on our experience and skills. We are a family business, part of our team there are many consultants with a business experience from private and state institutions in many countries.

We want to help Czech and Slovak companies to export their products primarily to non-EU countries and at the same time we would like to cooperate to import quality products from Asia, Africa and America to EU countries, especially Czech and Slovak republic.

We offer to tradesmen and small to medium-sized companies our consulting services, assistance with export and import activities, search for business partner and opportunities, organizing meetings and B2B meetings, participating on business including final realization and financing itself.

These services we also offer to potential partners from Asia, Africa and America.

We want to build your successful story and we will be grateful for any recommendation to other companies. We are flexible and the way of cooperation is entirely according to your wishes and requirements.

Our main export and import interest are not large technological units but products for daily consumption, luxury goods, high quality and innovative products and services from different areas. We are ready to work with craftsmen, manufacturers and startups. Everybody can start, the world is great and your dreams too! We are here to help you to realize them...